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Summary The Marriage Bureau for Rich People PDF author Farahad Zama – Epub, eBook and Kindle ePUB free

  • Hardcover
  • 293
  • The Marriage Bureau for Rich People
  • Farahad Zama
  • English
  • 27 January 2017
  • 9780399155581
The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

Summary The Marriage Bureau for Rich People Farahad Zama î 9 Summary Read  The Marriage Bureau for Rich People 109 Urish as the indomitable Mrs Ali and his careful assistant Aruna look on with vigilant eyes There's the man who wants a tall son in law because his daughter is short; the divorced woman who ends up back with her ex husband; a salesman who can't seem to sell himself; and a wealthy young doctor for whom no match is ever perfect But a. The brighter than bright cover of The Marriage Bureau for Rich People caught my eye immediately Look at it It s lovely You aren t going to stumble across colors like that in any ho hum world It was love at first sight and interest soon after as I read the description It wasn t purchase at first sight though My cash once again went to my localHow wonderful when my instincts are right The Marriage Bureau for Rich People is a delight with a conscience Mr Ali has retired from the Indian civil service He feels the need to keep doing something so he opens a marriage bureau on the veranda Almost immediately his matchmaking company is a success despite the local Aunties Good thing since this gets him out of the way of Mrs Ali and their activist son The Bureau has a lively and touching clientele all with very specific needs Into the business comes modest Aruna From a poor but proud family Aruna longs to be a bride but knows that without family money that won t ever happen Ta Da Enter a sort of Doctor Darcy and the happy endings spring forthMarriage Bureau is a warmhearted and winsome novel There is a helping of Jane Austen in the humor and social assessments and Alexander McCall Smith in Zama s light touch in showing us the grim realities of political corruption the caste system and poverty that the average Indian is up against without losing the cozy community feeling of the novel Mr Ali s love connection business also reminded me of one of my all time extra favorite novels Also set in India A Suitable Boy For me not living in India Marriage Bureau also has a built in exotic element in the setting and a mysterious uality in the customs Zama has written a bewitching take you away from your troubles book

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Summary The Marriage Bureau for Rich People Farahad Zama î 9 Summary Read  The Marriage Bureau for Rich People 109 Lthough his clients go away happy little does Mr Ali know that his esteemed Aruna hides a tragedy in her past a misfortune that the bureau as luck would have it serendipitously undoes Bursting with the color and allure of India and with a cast of endearing characters The Marriage Bureau for Rich People has shades of Jane Austen and. Zama s debut novel reads like a modern day version of Pride and Prejudice but he takes us to the thriving East Indian town of Vizag instead of a Western setting Although there is plenty of romance to go around many other issues are slipped into the narrative to keep it from becoming just another chick lit And believe me it really is than that Granted the book doesn t offer any serious in depth discussions of controversial topics but the clash of the traditional and the modern in Indian society are nevertheless made obvious While the Alis themselves seem to breeze through their everyday existence and therefore remain a bit two dimensional their Bureau and themselves form the nucleus around which the interesting stuff revolves Their son Rehman a well educated young man has endless fights with his father his parents plead him to find a good job and stop rallying against social injustice Leela their maid has a sick grandson with a brain tumor she worries about finding the funds to pay for his operation And let s not forget the Bureau s clientele who face a multitude of problems I could really appreciate Zama offering his readers an insight to the craft of matchmaking and Indian weddings Hindu Brahmin and Muslim in particular Marriage problems in India ones that I had not imagined were readily discussed Just to name a few divorcees have a difficult time finding a new partner young wives run the risk of being accused of bringing ill luck into their in laws house and love marriages ie finding one s own partner instead of leaving the matchmaking to a respectable family member or a marriage bureau is heavily frowned upon I was pleased that the novel features people with different religions and of different castes The Alis are a Muslim household but they accept the variety of backgrounds of their clients as a matter of fact Still a point of critiue would be the author s readiness to smooth over any problems his protagonists encounter I wonder whether Mr and Mrs Ali s common sense advice would really solve everything in real life Finally there is no denying that this novel is an enjoyable and relatively easy read If you prefer something that delves deeper into contemporary Indian society though I recommend The Death of Vishnu and The White Tiger

Summary The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

Summary The Marriage Bureau for Rich People Farahad Zama î 9 Summary Read  The Marriage Bureau for Rich People 109 Alexander McCall Smith meets Jane Austen in this delightfully charming Indian novel about finding loveWhat does an Indian man with a wealth of common sense do when his retirement becomes too monotonous for him to stand Open a marriage bureau of course With a steady stream of clients to keep him busy Mr Ali sees his new business flo. This book topped the list of Page Turners to pick up in 2009 published by Hindustan Times The article said Set in an Indian Marriage bureau and billed as Jane Austen meets McCall Smith the book is charming funny and acutely observed Author Farahad ZamaPublisher AbacusPrice 295 I grabbed the book as soon as it was out did it meet the hype my expectationsRead onMr Ali freshly retired doesn t know what to do with his time He has been interfering with his wife s daily routine and needless to say irritating her as well She heaves a sigh of relief when he decides to open a marriage bureau A Marriage bureau for rich people to be precise Slowly the business picks up so does the need of an assistant and here comes in ArunaShe comes from a family which is going through a strained financial condition Her father doesn t want to marry her off as she is the sole bread earner of the family But then she can t help falling in love with one of the clients ah Sounds so romantic But can love conuer Or rather will Love ConuerVia fixing marriages the book talks about various social issues like Inter caste marriage Divorce re marriage Late Marriage Standing up for a social cause with a Singrur kind of situation thrown in The rich n poor divideI loved the book for its simplicity It has an old world charm to it With the way Vizag or the summer afternoons have been described it will for sure take you down the nostalgic laneThere is subtle humor lurking around but I wouldn t call it a funny book for me it was an entertaining read I also loved the way the author has worked around the relationships in the book specially the father son conflict between Mr Ali his son Rehman Towards the end of the book the author even goes into the details of a traditional Andhra Pradesh marriage and am sure people who can relate to the culture will love those portionsThe best part about the book is that it doesn t have much of a conflict or I should say that even if there are conflicts that arise in the story then you can relate to them The characters are sometimes too good to be true but then in present times when daughters are becoming an object of lust for their father such story comes as a relief It may look like a make belief world but then it looks much better then the world we are living inThe only problem that I have with the book is that it is trying to slot itself as some other book author As have written in the opening lines it is being compared to The Ladies No 1 Detective Agency The purpose behind this could be a very simple case of a marketing gimmick as this is a debut novel but then I felt that the product being offered is good enough to survive and that is why there was no need of this gimmickI wonder Why do we have to compare ourselves with some foreign author to grab eyeballs Indian authors as per me write well enough to survive in the big bad worldI also felt that the Title was a bit out of place as the book is than just a Marriage Bureau for rich people For me it is a love story a social message a contemporary view of marriage fixing but as is said all s well if ends well and what matters here is that the book is a wonderful readIf you are looking out for a simple sweet with its heart at right place a well told story then this book is the one for you