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Tara Lain epub Genetic Attraction Genetic Attraction #2

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  • Genetic Attraction Genetic Attraction #2
  • Tara Lain
  • English
  • 13 June 2019
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FREE READ ´ Genetic Attraction Genetic Attraction #2 Is girlfriend But his girlfriend turns out to be his boyfriend a gentle and beautiful supermodel Resigned to a platonic friendship she accepts a weekend invitation but the men have far passionate ideas They want her to be a part of t. Genetic Attraction is Tara Lain s debut book which I think is absolutely amazing It s so much than just a mmf m nage it s a love story between three of the most real delightful and lovable characters ever It had me wanting wishing so much to be one of their close friends having a place in their lives and hearts They have my heartSince reading The Scientist and the Supermodel where we first meet Jake the gorgeous scientist geek and Roan the nicest and beyond beautiful male model and share their finding each other and Emmaline Jake s smart and beautiful boss I was hooked I needed to continue sharing their lives I cared about their happiness and just wanted all three to have their HEA And this story gives you that and so much The plot is so fresh with enough tension to keep you glued to the pages Characters are interesting and funny and are so well developedWhat I really loved was there were no dark and tortured people hiding painful secrets and having to overcome some emotional and painful past before getting together Yes there are things in their lives that they have to deal with such as prejudice how to overcome the set ideas the world has about their unusual lifestyle but it s handled in such a positive manner that you know they will get past all the hurdles placed in front of them and be happy together The love scenes are just mind blowing Graphic sexy beautiful and so so hot and so sizzling you feel the chemistry between them in and out of bed I liked the fact that the story shows us the explosive chemistry in bed and out doing everyday things together like looking at antiues going on Roan s fashion shoot dinners attending an awards party and even the university s dislikeable professor s Halloween Party Three people who love and care for each other just having a normal lifeThis is an incredible tender and passionate love story that reiterates that love is all it takesNow hopefully I will continue meeting Jake Roan and Em in the futureand please can we have a baby to add to their happiness Please I can t stop thinking about this family and would love to join them againSynopsis from Tara Lain s Blog In the erotic romance menage Genetic Attraction Emmaline Silvay PhD loves two things her work as a genetic researcher for a major University and her handsome young research partner Dr Jake Martin While she s a huge success in genetics her passion for Jake is secret because he s 11 years younger works for her and just moved into a new house in Connecticut with his girlfriend who Em has never met Then at a late after work dinner Em discovers that the lover she thinks is Jake s girlfriend is actually his boyfriend When she goes to spend the weekend with this gay couple at their new home well let s just say that s when the fun and the challenges begin

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FREE READ ´ Genetic Attraction Genetic Attraction #2 Hem A three way love defies propriety and the strict rules of her University The supermodel's fame makes secrecy impossible The menage threatens her carefully constructed world Something must be given up Someone's heart will be broke. Amazing series by Tara Lain where love grows and grows We met Scientist Jake and Supermodel Roan in the previous book and here they plan to expand their loving into a trio Dr Em is a redhead with brown eyes and has power intelligence she s sexy and trying to find a cure for cancer Roan with green eyes blkbrn hair masterpiece a feminine beauty wrapped in a magnificent male body is world famousJake is a tall golden blonde blue eyed magnificent assistant in their research He is in a partner relationship with RoanThey guys invite Em for the weekend and their desires are shown and accepted temporarily Em s leery of this succeeding How can these three make it work when their jobs forbid the publicity and scandal The men are bi but only for Em Uniue and lovable characters an interesting plot and scorching hot MM F sex and m nage Totally yummy I highly recommend this sexy read ENJOY We get of these three in the next tale where Jake s brother finds his lovesThese sexy reads can stand alone


FREE READ ´ Genetic Attraction Genetic Attraction #2 Erotic romance MMF menageAt a conservative Long Island university Dr Emmaline Silvay has two great loves her life saving work and her younger research associate But this love is impossible After all she's his boss and he lives with h. Warn your lover before you read this book that heshe will most likely be jumped after you complete this book This book is a fast read with a tight story line There are no great mysteries except for the creepy Dr Kovak Ms Lain sucks the reader in fast and furious into her three main characters Emmaline Jake and Roan Roan does rhyme with moan and yes moaning will commence when you read about Roan and how very delicious he can be I m getting wet just thinking about the sex scenes in this book This is a tasty erotic novel where two lovers Jake and Roan want to add Em to become a triad I loved the writing voice and I still can t get over the sex scenes The scenes are not explicit or even that crazy Between the endearing three characters and their obvious lust for each other I can feel the heat and wish that this could be me for a day