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Free download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Chris Lynch Chris Lynch ç 4 characters Free download Freewill Will knows he is meant to be a pilot But instead he finds himself with a bunch of kids in wood shop in a school that's known as Hopeless High Will doesn't know what he's doing there—or mabye he just doesn't want to admit the truth Once upon a time he made beautiful things like gnomes whirligigs and furniture Now he's driven to create strange wooden totems—and he doesn't know whyNo one knows why local teens are committing suicide either. The book Freewill by Chris Lynch was about this teenage boy who seems to be a loner with a somewhat traumatic background He lives with his grandparents and goes this school for certain kinds of people Lynch is very vague throughout the book Although that characteristic makes you want to read on it gets slightly aggrivating because there are so many blanks and uestion marks throughout the book Anyway we go through the thoughts of this kid Will and his desire to be a pilot even though he s in woodshop His works have this odd significance in deathssuicides still unclear to me He ends up being worshipped as a goth angel of deathOverall this book was okay It was really confusing I think mainly because it was in second person and the author kept trying to keep what was going on a mystery Even after finishing the book I still don t know what exactly happened or understand what happened It was a very interesting style but I think it didn t exactly fit the character The 2nd person style made me think that Will was maybe schizophernic or something like other books I ve read but it seems that he isn t It may be just me but this book was very difficult to understand There s a lot of internal thinking character action mainly things that describe body language but it never really defined exactly what was going on throughout the book It may of been to allow room for interpretation but I feel that it was just loosely written

Free download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Chris LynchFreewill

Free download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Chris Lynch Chris Lynch ç 4 characters Free download Freewill S psyche—and an unforgettable emotional journey through grief guilt and hope from a writer at the height of his powersAbout the AuthorChris Lynch is the author of many highly acclaimed books for young adults including Iceman Shadow Boxer and Slot Machine all ALA Best Books for Young Adults and ALA Recommended Books for Young Readers He is also the author of Extreme Elvin the seuel to Slot Machine; Whitechurch; and most recently Gold Dust. Will the seventeen year old protagonist of Chris Lynch s YA novel Freewill has suffered a horrible tragedy Now he lives with his grandparents who are Kind people They didn t have to take you in Or did they Love Is it love Charity That s the first thing about Freewill it s written in the second person Not many books are and I suspect that many YA readers will wonder what the heck is going on Once Will s circumstances reveal themselves readers will likely be able to figure out why Lynch chose this point of view At the very least it would be an interesting conversation to have with students But second person is a stylistic choice and not everyone grooves to itWill as a character is frustrating and sympathetic He spends most of his time in woodshop where he clearly has some talent He makes furniture and carves little statues which start showing up in advance of the deaths of local students He doesn t have any friends until he meets Angela another misfit in his woodworking class Has she spoken to you before You know her name though don t you Haven t bothered knowing any of the others What s the use after all But you haven t been able to not know AngelaThe novel works as a sort of interior monologue as Will comes to grips with the facts of his life He s stuck in limbo He tells his teacher I m supposed to be a pilot Mr Jacks How did I wind up in woodshop The how reveals itself sort of relatively uickly but Will s mental health is clearly in jeopardy and it will take a while before the whole thing plays outI didn t love this book but that doesn t mean it s without merit Mature patient reads will likely get something from the reading experience

Chris Lynch ç 4 characters

Free download ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Chris Lynch Chris Lynch ç 4 characters Free download Freewill One after the other The deaths all have one thing in common beautifully carved wooden tributes that appear just after—or just before—the bodies are found Will's afraid he knows who's responsible for the deaths And lurking just behind that knowledge is another secret one so explosive that he might not be able to face it and survivePart thriller part mystery Chris Lynch's newest book is a rollercoaster ride through a passionate young man'. This is exactly the type of book I would expect to win awards Printz Honor 2002 and have a 286 rating on Goodreads Brilliant use of language and the second person A deep dive into grief and mental illness and some of the ways our current system fails in those situations Deep but brief and thus so so intense It is also never completely clear plot is foggy setting is foggy except for one or two that are eerily focused This is a character driven book but the character is unreliable and confused and struggling himself Brilliant But I didn t enjoy it a bit This was not an easy read or a fun read or a clear read I read it uickly but I m not altogether sure whether I was engaged or afraid of what might happen or just wanted to be done

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