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Trish Milburn ✓ 4 Download Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Trish Milburn Read & Download Having the Cowboy's Baby Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ng her baby grow up the way she did with an unreliable father She's willing to raise their child alone but Logan is determined to prove there's to him than being a devil may care risk taker He's daddy material. Miniseries Blue Falls TexasCategory Home and Family

Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Trish MilburnHaving the Cowboy's Baby

Trish Milburn ✓ 4 Download Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Trish Milburn Read & Download Having the Cowboy's Baby Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A New Plan Skyler Harrington is a planner After the tumult of her childhood she's built a life for herself in Blue Falls Texas that's comfortable predictable safe The last thing she needs is to go gaga over a. Why did it bother her so muchBecause she wasn t one to give even her body so easily She d lost control and if there was one thing she couldn t bear it was to not be in control of her own life pg 52Okay I have a lot to say about this bookPREMISESkyler is very rigid and scheduled Her friends want her to loosen up so they push her together with Logan Logan is a bull rider who is passing through town with the rodeo He is a sleaze They have a one night stand in which they have safe sex twice She leaves him alone to wake up in a cold bed He tries to convince her to keep having sex with him for the week he is in town She refuses He leaves She discovers she is pregnant She doesn t tell him but he reappears after a month looking for good times She tells him He is upsetANALYSIS1 I sympathize with Skyler and even agree with Milburn s main thrustSkyler is a sympathetic character to me She is rigid and controlled but also lonely She s always on time she s always dieting She scraps off all the toppings on her nachos eats salad and apple slices for main meals and skips meals She constantly worries about being fat and becoming fat When she tells her friends that she will allow them to choose anything she wants for her birthday and ends up unwillingly skydiving with Logan she tries to have fun and fight her need for control She still couldn t believe she d kissed Logan someone she d met only hours agoFor a crazy moment she d wished she was the type of carefree person who could indulge her yearnings without thinking it to death pg 36 Was she being totally nuts walking off into the night with a stranger without telling anyone where she was going But it was as if a part of her that never revealed itself was in charge telling her to enjoy the moment the feel of his strong hand wrapped around hers the high of having a good looking man showing interest in her She had a good life one she enjoyed but this type of excitement never made an appearance in her safe ordered life She d never known she yearned for it Part of her still believed none of this could be real that she had to be dreaming pg 37 When Logan joined her he sat close enough to put his arm around her Part of her told her to shift away but that was the part that was always careful Though she couldn t explain it tonight she wanted to pretend she was someone else someone who wasn t so wrapped up in the right way to do everything pg 39 For a long moment she said nothing just stared at the sidewalk while an argument took place in her head Her normal sensible self said her day had been filled with enough excitement already and it was time to return to real life But an increasingly loud voice told her that it felt good to really live that it was still her birthday and she should enjoy it to the fullest pg 42 The part of her that had led her here the part that likely wouldn t exist outside this room whispered that she d done nothing wrong That she deserved to enjoy herself to revel in the feel of a man s body pressed close to hers pg 50Milburn s basic premise is a classic one in romance a man with a good hard dick a kind temperament and skilled hands loosens up an uptight woman and allows her to have some fun with his magical sexual powers Like this He didn t think he was the world s best catch or anything but he liked to have a good time And if anyone was in dire need of a good time it was uptight Skyler Harrington It had taken him only one look at the gorgeous redhead to know he wanted to be the man to get her to loosen up a little and enjoy herself pg 23Unfortunately for everyone involved Logan isn t that good in bed He s not BAD but he s not amazing either and I really believe Skyler deserves some truly stellar fucking She s not going to find it here Sad I really don t have a problem with Milburn s premise I enjoy the trope of an easygoing kind man showing up and helping a woman loosen up a little But Logan was not that man He s not particularly kind or easygoing and he s not particularly amazing in bedMilburn also does a great job of emphasizing Skyler s loneliness She imagined him buying an ice cream cone for a woman in every rodeo town he rolled into Tears pooled in her eyes and that made her even angrier But she wasn t angry at Logan He hadn t claimed to be anything he wasn t No she was angry at herself She d let her body trump the orderly precise thought process that had gotten her through years of upheaval and allowed her to become a successful businesswoman pg 52 Except that she was alone She tried to tell herself that she was perfectly fine on her own that she preferred it that way But as a tear finally leaked out and trailed down her pillow she admitted that she was lonely Logan wasn t to blame for what happened between them Her friends weren t either It was the loneliness that most of the time she could convince herself was a figment of her imagination the empty feeling that she rarely acknowledged But as she lay in her bed alone she let herself feel it She let herself admit if only to herself in the privacy of her own mind that she missed the warmth of a man s body next to herAs she closed her eyes she allowed herself to relive every moment every touch she d shared with Logan Moments and touches that had for a short while made her forget that loneliness pg 53Very touching I was really feeling SkylerTwice as sad is the fact that her one night of abandon after such a careful life results in an accidental pregnancy that she neither wanted nor planned forLet s discuss our hero2 Our hero is pretty much a sleazoid I hate to say it but he is There s a fine line between being a flirt and being a sleazoid and I m afraid Logan crosses onto the wrong side of itHe has a line for everything which makes him come off as a huge skeezer The guy leaned in close and used a faux whisper to say Don t worry beautiful I promise you re safe with me pg 16 You enjoyed it How do you know that You couldn t even see my faceI can tell when someone is enjoying herself pg 21 What you don t like cones Logan askedNo I like to eat ice cream out of them but don t like the cones themselves I know weird uirkWe all have themOh yeah What s your uirkI like redheadsShe laughed And blondes and brunettesHe got to his feet and walked towards her When he stood less than an arm s length away he reached around her to pitch his napkin But redheads who like blueberry ice cream most of all pg 40 Finding his way into her body again this morning would have been a great way to start the day pg 54Ew that is so disgusting Listen I don t want you to get the wrong idea because of last night I m not that kind of womanWhat kind is thatOne who just jumps into bed with a strangerI never said you were In fact I m pretty sure you re the exact opposite of thatWhy did his words sting Did he think she was as big of a fuddy duddy as her friends didSo I was a challenge for you thenYesHeat flooded her face pg 67 He shook his head at the image His body might like that idea but Skyler wasn t that kind of woman She was classy professional not a buckle chaser who would do it anywhere anytime For the first time in his life the fact that he d had sex with than one of those women made him uncomfortable pg 74This uote from page 74 is just pure slut shaming misogynistic trash How DARE he talk about women who had sex with him this wayLook at him trying to talk her into going to bed with him again Skyler this doesn t have to be a big deal We re both adults ones with needs pg 91 Ugh that is so vomitrocious It s DISGUSTING when men say shit like this We re both adults He s implying that only a childish person would choose not to sleep with him again We have needs FUCK YOU What a complete asshole3 THE GOOD SIDE REALISMBut one thing I have to hand it to Milburn on was her grasp of realism Unexpected pregnancies are complicated for both the man and the woman and Milburn doesn t shy away from the hard conversations Skyler makes the incredibly difficult decision not to let Logan know he s fathered a child Is that right Wrong She doesn t know and she debates it constantly I m finally getting used to the idea of you know doing this alone Finally believing I can do this I don t need some drifter mucking that upIndia leaned close He s is the father hon Don t you think he deserves to knowWhy because I spent one night with him I doubt the guy even has a permanent address A child needs stability not a dad who floats in and out of his life every time the wind blows pg 107 A small part of her wanted to tell him to not have to go through this alone to give him a chance to prove her fears wrong But she d had enough upheaval She needed to do this her way without someone else someone who wasn t going to be there all the time having a say in how she raised her child She was the responsible one He was married to the road and adrenaline She wouldn t have the child constantly looking out the window wondering when Daddy was going to come home pg 109Milburn doesn t sugarcoat Logan or what he is He sleeps around When he leaves Skyler for a month after the one night stand although he thinks about her he fucks other women And if he happened to cross paths with Skyler and she d missed him so much that she jumped his bones Well that would be okay tooHe d thought about her than once over the past month and at the oddest times Most freuently it was when he was about to fall asleep but she d been known to enter his head as he was driving down the road or when he was in a bar and a song reminded him of her On a couple of occasions he d even turned down female advances but he d explained that away by telling himself he was just tired He certainly couldn t be hung up on a woman he d known only a handful of days pg 103Bold choice on the part of MilburnWhen he finds out about her pregnancy he reacts badly Obviously the protection failedLogan stood and took a couple of steps away He took a deep breath before he turned back toward her What about you Weren t you on the PillNo Why the hell not pg 118While completely disgusting this is a normal response from men The idea that all sexually active women need to be on the Pill so that accidents don t happen and so that they can be sexually available to men at all times without causing any inconvenience makes me see red The Pill is serious and it can seriously fuck up your body It s not for everyone and it s a really personal and serious decision if a woman decides to get on it or not It s not her fucking duty to fucking ingest drugs daily for your convenience you fucking piece of shit Get a FUCKING vasectomy if you are that serious about not having a childBut it s realisticMilburn also covers another rare thing in romance novels the fact that pregnancy is a burden on the heroine WAY than on the hero and that the heroine didn t ask to be pregnant Men act like it s this HUGE burden that you got pregnant with them when they used protection and practiced safe sex but can t ever seem to realize that children are WAY of a burden on the woman who carries the child delivers it and 9 times out of ten takes the sole or majority responsibility of caring for it and raising it up It fucking sucks If he wants to he can leave not be part of the child s life not ever see it and just make child support payments if he wants to be in good standing with the law and IF she decides to press for it SHE is going to have to fucking mother the child for the rest of her fucking lifeDon t bring up abortion no American Romance heroine would ever consider abortion Readers would be aghastMilburn doesn t make Logan suddenly turn into a mensch either He feels chained and burdened by Skyler s pregnancy Instead it felt as if chains started wrapping themselves around his legs tying him down trapping him in a world not of his choosing pg 120He sticks around for three weeks giving Skyler hope that perhaps he will commit to being a father but then leaves suddenly at two am one night Skyler knows what he is and she is afraid to trust him With his track record I can t blame her one bit Logan don t I m not the kind of girl you wantI don t know about that I d say I m wanting you uite a bit right nowYou want sex and our one night together to the contrary that s not what I m looking for I have roots here a business stability and someday I want a husband and brothers and sisters for this baby She placed her hand lovingly on her stomach I m the exact thing you ran away from The only reason you keep chasing me is because I keep saying no If I were suddenly to say yes it wouldn t take long before you realized I m your worst nightmare that I m boring pg 151Logan doesn t make any sudden or radical change His slow slow realization that maybe he can settle down and his eventual commitment to be a father to his child takes a long time Although this doesn t make him very appealing it s realistic and well done on Milburn s end4 I hate Skyler s friends They are horrible people who shove her into doing things she doesn t want and hooking her up with people she doesn t want They matchmake and butt in and the disastrous result of all their meddling is that Skyler ends up pregnant by a man who wants nothing to do with being a father Very very sad They also fat shame her a lot while she s pregnantActually there is a noticeable amount of fat shaming in this book so if that bothers you and it bothers me avoid it It s pretty grossHOW S THE SEX CARMEN Sigh At the beginning of the book I was looking forward to this trope being enacted But then Logan turned out to be so sleazy And then he took her to bed and turned in a IMO disappointing performance I mean he wasn t BAD in bed I didn t see him engaging in any horrible activities that made me scold him It was fine But this whole set up only works if the man really puts it down for the woman The whole he gets an uptight woman to loosen up and enjoy herself thing only works if he is stellar in bed Being just fine in bed doesn t cut it in this scenario If she s going to fuck up her entire life for this guy I want him to TURN HER OUT Seriously and I m being serious now what is with authors making sexually promiscuous and in historicals rake heroes and then NOT having them fuck the heroines brains out I mean what is even THE POINT There s no point in making a hero a sexually promiscuous character and going on and on about how many women he s slept with if you re not going to make him fuck exuisitelyI mean it s true there are men who have lots of sex and never get any better at it and the women who made the poor decision to sleep with him based on looks or whatever just lie there and wait for it to be over with a bored expression on their face but this is a romance goshdarn it If you are going to put a rake in a romance please at least make him amazing in bedI can t tell you how many times this has disappointed me It s very common I m sorry to sayThis has been a PSA from Carmen ThanksTL DR A mixed bag It was disappointing that Logan came off as a sleazer I didn t enjoy the fat shaming or Skyler s meddling pushy friends Milburn introduced a trope I like and then didn t execute it wellOn the plus side there were some real and interesting conversations in here Nothing was easy or fast Everything was slow and hard just like real life I also thought Skyler was a pretty touching character I really felt for herROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern Romance Non Virgin Heroine Although I have no idea who this woman had sex withHe s a Rodeo Bull Rider At the end of the novel he view spoilerRaises Bulls for the Rodeo hide spoiler

Trish Milburn ✓ 4 Download

Trish Milburn ✓ 4 Download Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Trish Milburn Read & Download Having the Cowboy's Baby Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rodeo cowboy It felt great to let her hair down with sexy Logan Bradshaw but she'll be happy if their paths never cross again A surprise pregnancy is something neither expected Skyler has no intention of letti. In Having the Cowboy s Baby by Trish Milburn Skyler Harrington is a planner she plans up to the last detail in her life in minute detail from one minute to the next which is the only way that she is comfortable After the tumult of her childhood she needs predictable and safe it is only understandable but she takes things to an extreme But when her friends decide to plan something special and different for her 30th birthday she knows that things will not be either safe or predictableLogan Bradshaw likes living life on the edge He likes the rush and adrenaline that riding a bull and jumping off a plane give him So when he is asked to jump off a plane with a newbie in place of his cousin he doesn t mind What he doesn t expect is the redhead with an air of distrust uncertainty and disapproval A challenge he cannot wait to meet by making her enjoy the jump no matter how much she says that she will not Read More

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