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[PDF/EPUB] Innocent Foxes ☆ Torey L. Hayden

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Innocent Foxes Download Þ 104 Concealed from the paparazzi in the mountains of Montana jaded Hollywood actor Spencer Scott is trapped in hi. An actor visiting Abundance MT nearly runs over Dixie who lives there She gets excited it s an actor He has a fat rude son who runs away Dixie and her no good boyfriend kidnap him and he s in danger of them both They are mean and when they hit the road it s worse After Dixie says why a fox is innocent because a fox can t help it that s one thing She and her stupid jerk boyfriend can help what they do and they didn t have to kidnap him and try to kill him After all that the kid loves Dixie Some story I didn t like this book and nobody in it I think people say they like it only because of who wrote it but the book stinks

characters Innocent FoxesInnocent Foxes

Innocent Foxes Download Þ 104 Come to terms with the death of her baby while trying to make ends meet in the small sleepy town of Abundance. An interesting book set in Montana but not the Montana I know The dialogue just didn t ring true nor the names of the characters I have never encountered people with double barrelled first names in Montana I m sure they exist but it s usually something I think of as southern Her ability to understand the psychology of the characters is amazing though and worth the read just for that The tension between the locals and the outsiders definitely rings true as well and anyone living in certain areas of Montana will recognise itI was tempted to give it four stars but because the characters were not really very sympathetic and there were some inconsistencies in the plot I only give it 3 stars

Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è Torey L. Hayden

Innocent Foxes Download Þ 104 S pristine sanctuary with the son he never wanted Below in the valley young single mother Dixie struggles to. It started off promising but ended up being unrealistic boring and with poor character development

  • Paperback
  • 347
  • Innocent Foxes
  • Torey L. Hayden
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780007340934