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Review The Night of the Ripper

The Night of the Ripper Review ò 0 Chi era Jack lo Suartatore Da uando l'infame Suartatore terrorizzava le prostitute della Londra vittoriana l'identità dell'assassino è rimasta un mistero In uesto romanzo del brivido Robert Bloch propone un. I wonder if there s a sillier novel out there about Jack the Ripper This one includes Oscar Wilde AND the Elephant Man so I doubt it I appreciated the epigrams illustrating torture and barbarity across all cultures and throughout all history I appreciated the author s point that Jack the Ripper is not an isolated freak incident but rather one case of many in the epidemic of human savagery But the chapters are so short the result is a distracting amount of epigrams so these and the chapter length both detract from the story and interrupt the momentum I was genuinely surprised by the reveal of the killer I don t know if I buy the reasoning behind the inspector s decision not to publicize the person s identity

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The Night of the Ripper Review ò 0 A soluzione completamente nuova sorprendente e ingegnosa come la conclusione del suo classico Psycho 1959 Il rapporto di Bloch con Jack lo Suartatore data da lungo tempo The Night of the Ripper non è che l'o. Unfortunately a bit dull especially for a writer like Robert Bloch A shame as the story had a lot of potential just didn t hold my interest

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The Night of the Ripper Review ò 0 Maggio più recente a un personaggio che mostra di averlo ossessionato da sempre e che con molta probabilità l'ha influenzato nel corso di tutta la sua produzione letteraria dalla Prefazione di Carlo Bordone. I thought this book was ridiculousFrom the beginning I was sure it was Mark Honestly I m not sure what the point of his character was It wasn t his voice that drove the book we saw the perspectives of multiple characters So what s the point He should have been the Ripper setting up Eva and the Russian guyBloch s story structure was weak his characters uninteresting He was so focused on peppering the book with as many famous names as possible and yet none of them actually furthered the story What was the point of the Elephant Man or the cameo by Wilde As another reviewer said Bloch touched on just about every Ripper theory Yes that s exactly what he did to a fault To me the detective was just kind of wandering around going maybe this Maybe that Maybe him He never actually really did anything except have an upset stomach Every suspect was mentioned but briefly Any kind of investigation was incredibly shortThe ending was preposterous as well Pedachenko or whatever his name was wasn t even introduced until the last few chapters And the fact that he and Eva both were the Ripper So ridiculous There was NO motive for either of them And to top it off Mark and Abberline only focused on how they could have committed Kelly s murder What about all the other women Did Bloch forget that there were other victims I think halfway through this book Bloch must have hit his head and forgotten what he was writingIt should have been Mark with some kind of psychosis that made him into a real life Dr JekyllMr Hyde and he didn t even know it Or something that would make sense or tie into the story at all Or if Mark was too obvious he should at least have had a POINT besides mooning over Eva I mean why was he even involved in the investigation That seems really slipshod on the detective s partWhat a disappointment

  • Paperback
  • 236
  • The Night of the Ripper
  • Robert Bloch
  • Italian
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9788845250958