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[womens Books] PDF Marked by Power BY By Cece Rose,G. Bailey

By Cece Rose,G. Bailey · 5 Free download

Marked by Power

Free download Marked by Power ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free With just one of. I found this book by accident on and decided to give it a go as the premise seemed interesting It would definitely fall under the YA category despite it having some adult content at timesOnce I started reading this book I couldn t put it down and devoured it on one sittingKenzie is a likeable protagonist with a uick wit and fiery attitude I liked that despite all that happens in the book she doesn t loose that spunk that makes her stand out from so many other female leads When she is unexpectedly given twelve marks and becomes one of the most powerful among the Marked you just know there are going to be problems that arise East Locke Logan Enzo and Mr Daniels certainly add intrigue and candour to the story line as their relationships develop Each with completely different personalities and reactions to the crazy do first think later attitude of our protagonist Locke and Logan add a much needed humour East with his boy next door persona the bad boy Enzo and the unattainable Mr DanielsWithout giving too much away I enjoyed that Kenzie didn t instantly find everything easy and had to make mistakes to control her new powersI would definitely recommend this book to a friend and give it 5 stars for its addictive uality

Summary Marked by Power

Free download Marked by Power ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The powers enou. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this book they kept me guessing and I enjoyed the concept of Kenzie s marks and what they could mean for her and everyone I also thought it was great how she didn t have any prior knowledge of her powers of how to control them so as the reader you are taken along on her journey of self discoveryI ve already downloaded the other books in the series after finishing this and can t wait to get stuck in

Free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · By Cece Rose,G. Bailey

Free download Marked by Power ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Is being marked. In the world of the Marked there are things that are normal expected There are fewer women than men so it s normal to be raised by multiple dads and one mom At age 17 you go to The Marked Academy where you are tested to see how many marks you have and then you spend the next 3 years there being trained It is normal to receive six marks Mackenzie Crowe Kenzie doesn t care how many marks she receives 1 or 11 She has a plan she is only here to put in her three years then back to her plan That is until she becomes the first student to ever be marked with all 12 marks fire water air earth pain healing divination spirit protection technomancy transmutation and the unknown 12th mark Suddenly there is nothing normal about Kenzie As if this isn t enough to deal with she has the additional drama of her best friend and roommate Kelly only receiving 2 marks being assigned her older brother Ryan s best friend and her childhood crush Easton Black as her student guide and developing a serious crush on her teacher Mr Daniels Then there s also the twins Logan and Locke and the hot jerk Enzo Plan what planMarked By Power is the brilliant collaboration of Cece Rose and G Bailey I confess that that these are two of my favorite authors so I expected nothing short of the excellence that this book is The world building and story development have true depth The characters are fantastic The interactions and dialogue are engaging Everything seems natural and moves along realisitically Not easy to do in this paranormal setting Kenzie is part superheropart goof She s funny feisty uirky Her habitual lateness her temper her tendency to speakact before thinking her love of bacon and her weakness for the hot guys surrounding her endeared her to me Easton is the perfect guy you grew up around who never noticed you but now he does Logan and Locke are warm and funny Enzo is the bad boy and Mr Daniels is the forbidden hot teacher Her best friend Kelly is great despite the secrets she s been keeping Ryan is uestionable I am not sure how I feel about him yet I m trying to keep an open mind but if he chooses an ideal over his baby sister I am not going to be a fan There are plenty of side characters within the school and outside of it that add layers It s impossible to know where everyone stands at this momentThis book has something to appeal to everyone entertaining story charismatic characters action humor conflict surprises suspense a touch of sexy and a bit of romance I hated that it came to an end and eagerly look forward to the next