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Old Testament Ethics for the People of God summary õ 109 Tament ethics Then he explores a variety of themes in relation to contemporary issues economics the land and the poor; politics and a world of nations; law and justice; society and culture; and the way of the individualThis fresh illuminating study provides a clear basis for a biblical ethic that is faithful to the God of both Testamen. The book I read An eye for an eye the place of Old Testament ethics for today was published in 1983 while Christopher JH Wright was professor at Union Biblical Seminary in India This excellent book unfortunately out of print deals with Old Testament law as it applies to today s ethical issues Dr Wright expands on case law applications of God s laws as they apply judicially today This premise corresponds to the Westminster Confession of Faith s chapter nineteen entitled Of the Law of God where in section four the Confession speaks of the general euity thereof with regards to the continuity of the judicial laws of theocratic Israel Dr Wright s arguments are a pertinent and valuable alternative to the increasingly popular natural law and theonomic theories currently in vogue

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Old Testament Ethics for the People of God summary õ 109 Nothing confuses Christian ethics uite like the Old Testament Some faithful readers struggle through its pages and conclude that they must obey its moral laws but may disregard its ceremonial and civil laws Others abandon its teaching altogether in favor of a strictly New Testament ethic Neither option argues Chris Wright gives the Old. I grew up a preacher s kid my mom read aloud the one year bible every year while I grew up and none of the violence or the troubling depictions of God bothered me in the least some time or other in my mid 20s however for reasons I know not of something changed Suddenly I was extremely sensitive I couldn t read the OT without being deeply troubled I tried books like Copen s Is God a Moral Monster and even Wright s The God i Don t Understand and others like it and though they helped somewhat still the OT became poison to my faith and the safest route for years was to avoid it like the plague Eventually I did a bible school and reading through the entire bible again in my sensitive state resulted in a lot of emotional turmoil The evangelical stock answers that try to justify what then appeared so overwhelming and plainly evil now sounded as morally disturbing as a true believer communist utterly convinced Stalin s actions were all moral upright and necessary giving an answer for every objection For example in 1 Samuel 15 the text has Samuel telling Saul that God wanted him to commit genocide against the Amalekites What was the warrant given that justified the slaughter men women children and infants God was said to have taken note of how the Amalekites opposed Israel when they came out of Egypt So according to the text a justification for genocide is getting revenge for an offense 400 years old The children were to be put to death for their great great great great great grandfather s sin My whole evangelical life due to a commitment to inerrancy I had to defend what was absolutely and uneuivocal evil I had to call black white injustice justice hatred love holding grudge forgiveness Somehow the meaning of love and justice had to be so elastic and vacuous to include murdering innocent women and children for something their ancestors did 400 years ago The problem is compounded for the psychological damage to the Israelite men should also be considered It isn t possible to slaughter babies pregnant mothers and toddlers without fundamentally darkening and twisting the character of these men and spreading additional evil within families I can no longer whitewash this pure evil Part of what made this book so incredibly distasteful is Wright really wants the Old Testament to be normative as possible and chillingly his absolute devotion to the doctrine of inerrancy means his moral compass is utterly shattered he is completely unable to acknowledge evil when it is staring him in the face He seems to embrace the divine command ethic there literally is NOTHING God could do or command that would be immoral If in the bible God told Abraham to repeatedly rape his son then skin him alive and roast him on a spit Wright would simply call it justice and magically everything is fixed I mean Isaac was born in sin utterly depraved he doesn t deserve life and of course we all know God s ways are not our ways and we have no right to uestion God Wright s idolatry of the bible has totally destroyed his ethical outlook For Wright butchering innocent toddlers and smashing baby s brains out on a rock for something their distant ancestors did 400 years ago is simply just and loving because God supposedly commanded itIn response to the problem of ethical issues in the Old Testament Wright wrote We receive the Old Testament as the Bible of Jesus Christ and his church Since it renders to us the God whom we acknowledge and worship as the Holy One of Israel the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ it is ultimately the Old Testament that claims and judges us not we who judge convict or exonerate it Wright appears unwilling as a matter of principle to subject any part of the OT to ethical critiue Therefore slaughter of innocent women children and infants for some offense committed by their ancestors 400 years must stand as morally right So according to Wright I cannot critiue this ethically I cannot judge it convict it It must judge me So I suppose this means my ethical sense is completely wrong If God tells the modern native Americans to commit genocide killing every American because of the evils committed against their ancestors I d need to praise God for his justice I clearly must also readjust my warped understanding of forgiveness enemy love and justice forgiveness actually means holding a grudge enemy love means killing them and everyone they love and justice means punishing the innocent for what others did What I found most objectionable in his section on economics is how Wright eschews private property and human rights He points out the land of Israel was God s land and He distributed HIS OWN land among the tribes of Israel to steward and then in the Psalm it states God owns everything The grounding for economics is God alone truly owns anything that only God has true property rights There is no universal natural law grounding property rights of life liberty and property Of course Wright focus on the rosy application of this all the regulations and commands that were to benefit the poor Hebrews But like John Rawls philosophy which states nothing actually belongs to anyone has a dark side in my opinion so what Wright is arguing for has a dark underbelly actual alluded to in his appendix on the Canaan ConuestSay some foreign people the Canaanites are the steward of God s land of Canaan and the Hebrews want to invade this foreign land and take it for themselves Fortunately with this theological doctrine none of it actually belongs to the Canaanites the houses they built the fields they planted and livestock they fed are not theirs they have no rights but instead it is God s property to dispose of as He wishes And Oh what do you know God just so happened to decided he doesn t want the Canaanites to be stewards of the property any and God has decided he wanted the Hebrews to have it Therefore it was morally right to go in kill the foreigner men women children and infants and take the land laying hold of the wealth generated with a perfectly clean conscience It s not murder nor is it stealing since God simply decided to install a new steward and he can do with his property whatever he wishes And also since all humanity is God s property too God then told them to they could purchase foreign slaves to their heart s content with whom they could treat with rigor and pass on as property to their children as an inheritance This isn t a problem because these people were simply God s property anyways and God decided to allow the Hebrews to be their slave masters I think it is a problematic notion today as well for to say no one has any fundamental property rights except for God means religious leaders sadly this has happened either using the bible may inspire people to go slaughter others as God s tool of judgment and take their land God wanted them to possess it or believe God has spoken to them directly to confiscate the property of the rich and redistribute it to the poor It means in the name of God we can do just about any evil imaginable since there are no underlying rights to life liberty and property for people If God wants us to take what others have or take their lives or their liberty as long as God commands it it is therefore perfectly just and permissible God can do with his property what he wishes This kind of Divine Command ethics is extremely troubling to meReading Wright s chapter on politics which touches on the evils of Egypt was only unsettling because of his double standard he condemns Egypt for committing genocide and limiting religious freedom but then defends Israel for doing the same For example with religious freedom he goes on about how horrible Egypt was for not allowing Israel to worship but then has no issue with Deut 13 commanding honor killings demanding you to kill your son or daughter or wife or close friend decides to worship differently you must be first to cast the stone you can t show mercy And if you hear someone in an Israelite city is saying let s worship other gods you are to go in a kill everyone in the city every man woman children and infant they are all guilty by association everyone is to be ruthlessly slaughtered because of that worthless idolater This makes ISIS and the Taliban look tame in comparison I suppose for Wright the only reason why Islam honor killings are morally wrong is they are done in zealous devotion to the wrong god That Wright can be okay with these stark commands for honor killings which he makes a brief reference to in his chapter on family gives him no ground to condemn Egypt for their intolerance I guess in all of this it just suggests Wright has a tribal like and a divine Command ethic evil is only evil when the wrong side does it nothing is wrong in principle anything that Wright would consider evil if commanded by another god is automatically considered good if he believes it is commanded by his God I just cannot stomach this reasoning that would make John Calvin proud Continuing on in the politic chapter we get this bombshell right after God brought his people out of Egypt and then into Canaan Wright writes At this point it could be said that the people of God have become not merely a liberated people but also a liberating people though it might well be though insidious in view of recent history to describe invaders as liberators NO freaking kidding My goodness insidious indeed He goes on to defend that invading someone else land to slaughter women and children and infants is an act of liberation My gosh ethics This is ethics

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Old Testament Ethics for the People of God summary õ 109 Testament its dueIn this innovative approach to Old Testament ethics fully revised updated and expanded since its first appearance in 1983 as Living as the People of God An Eye for an Eye in North America and including material from Walking in the Ways of the Lord Wright examines a theological social and economic framework for Old Tes. Fantastic If all Christians understood the themes he unpacks in the second section of this book it would both clear up a lot of confusion when reading the Old Testament and refresh our approach to important issues in society Worth the time to read

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  • Christopher J.H. Wright
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