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Extreme Planets Read ´ 107 Angels by David Brin and Gregory BenfordBrood by Stephen GaskellHaumea by G David NordleyA Perfect Day off the Farm by Patty JansenDaybreak by Jeff HechtGiants by Peter WattsMaelstrom by Kevin IkenberryMurder on Centauri by Robert J MendenhallThe Flight of the Salamander by Violet Addison and David SmithPetrochemical Skies by David Conyers and David KernotThe Hyphal Layer by Meryl FergusonColloidal Suspension by Geoff NelderSuper Earth Mother by Guy ImmegaLightime by Jay CaselbergThe Seventh Generation by Brian Stableford. Watts Peter Giants Sunflower Cycle No 3 Clarkesworld Magazine Sept 2014 Creative Commons licenseThe mutiny on the deep time web building ship Eriophora is long over Two crewmembers are wakened to supervise a passage through an unusual star system During the uprising they were on different sides Can they trust each other or the AI that pilot s the ship In terms of the internal chronology Giants seems to tall between Freeze Frame Revolution and The Island

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Extreme Planets Read ´ 107 Two decades ago astronomers confirmed the existence of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun Today than 800 such worlds have been identified and scientists now estimate that at least 160 billion star bound planets are to be found in the Milky Way Galaxy alone But surprising is just how diverse and bizarre those worlds are Extreme Planets is a science fiction anthology of stories set on alien worlds that push the limits of what we once believed possible in a planetary environment Visit the bizarre moons dwarf planets an. It astonishes me the degree to which people torture reason Just to protect their precious preconceptions

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Extreme Planets Read ´ 107 D asteroids of our own Solar Systems and in the deeper reaches of space encounter super Earths with extreme gravity fields carbon planets featuring mountain ranges of pure diamond and ocean worlds shrouded by seas hundreds of kilometres thick The challenges these environments present to the humans that explore and colonise them are many and are the subject matter of these tales Cover illustration by Paul Drummond The anthology features 15 tales from leading science fiction authors and rising stars in the genreBanner of the. Great collection of new and established authors in this anthology Timely topic as well with the explosion of the discovery of exoplanets in recent years The stories provide insights into the challenges humanity will face in exploring and colonizing new worlds I don t read a great deal of hard SF I tend to get bored frustrated with lots of hard SFYeah yeah liuid planet made of whatever gas I get it I don t need a chemistry lesson disguised as a story but this collection is a fine example of how science rich stories can be engaging and packed with drama Highly recommend

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 356
  • Extreme Planets
  • David Conyers
  • English
  • 08 March 2017
  • 9781568823935