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[download The Dark Fae The World of Fae #1] PDF ↠ Terry Spear – Epub, TXT and Kindle free

  • Kindle Edition
  • 184
  • The Dark Fae The World of Fae #1
  • Terry Spear
  • English
  • 24 July 2019
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The Dark Fae The World of Fae #1 characters Ê 107 Alicia's always known she's different that she can recognize the mischievous fae when they show up to play with the humans Only now she's faced with one highly annoyed dark fae and she's certain he knows the truth about her She can see him which means her life is forfeit Add to that his sister arriv. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved itReceived a code from the author to listen to and review the audio version of the book I do own this book in ebook form but haven t read it yet I definitely will in the future thoughThe cover is awesome and beautiful and I think it is intriguing to grab anyone s attentionListening to audiobooks is now something my son and I love to do together in the car He even gets upset if we have to stop it for any reason or if I forget to charge my ipod I have collected uite a few audiobooks through the Sync program and I have won some too but until Terry asked me to listen and review them I just hadn t done it yet Now that I have tried it I m addicted I love how strong Alicia is and she sticks with her friends no matter what Deveron no idea if I m spelling this right is one of the guys you start out really wanting to smack but he grows on you like moss lol At the end I love his character too The Fae are so fickle and they do a lot of posturing like they are not evil but bullies I guessTerry s stories are always so enthralling when I read or listen to them This was my Audible reviewWould you listen to The Dark Fae again WhyYes it was fun and had lots of action Also my son really liked it so it is great for car rides Who was your favorite character and whyAlicia was my favorite because she was courageous and didn t let fear dictate what she knew was right She was fiercely loyal and protects her friends I love strong female characters What about Jeanne Whitehouse s performance did you likeI love how she had several voices she used Listening to audiobooks takes some getting used to So you definitely want to listen to several before you decide you do or don t like them I will definitely listen to of Jeanne Whitehouse s recordings of audiobooks Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sittingYes we both wanted to but you know how things like work school and life tend to get in the way I also had my car break down and my grandma s car didn t have an adapter for my ipodmy son was not happy we had to wait a week to finish our story Any additional commentsTerry Spear is an awesome author and I always enjoy her books I will always get her books whether in audio or book format She rocks

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The Dark Fae The World of Fae #1 characters Ê 107 She's thinking she should have let the fae have his fun Her friend's broken heart would be a lot easier to deal with than Alicia losing her life But it is too late for regrets As soon as she threw the soda at the dark fae's chest she had declared war on the fae And he is happy to take up the challen. This was an absolutely awesome well written book with a great storylinecompletely not what I expected considering I got the download for free so glad I read it and I wonder if there will be a seuel

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The Dark Fae The World of Fae #1 characters Ê 107 Es who wants to play too And their mother the ueen of the Denkar will want Alicia's head once she learns what Alicia can do And all because Alicia was attempting to rescue her friend Cassie on their beach excursion at South Padre Island from the wicked fae Now Alicia has really gone and done it and. I was a little nervous about buying this book It was at an amazing price but I could not find very many reviews for it so I followed my gut and bought it anyway And I am glad I didThis was a fast read but that is fine with me because it had me hooked from page one Now before I go on I will tell you all that I am a series reader I LOVE me some series because there is always so much detail in them and I kinda like hanging at the end of a book and wondering what would come nextThis book was great I loved the storyline and the characters I just wish this would have been a series so I could have gotten to know the background of the different Fae kingdoms Terry Spear just throws you into this fae world and you learn as you go Sadly you do not learn too much about the fae background Which in most of this book is okay because you are getting the story from Alicia s point of view most of the time And she really does not know much about this fae world except what her father wrote about in a diary for her But other than that WOWI loved the romance between Alicia and Deveron At first you think he is nothing but a dark fae who wants to play some fun little games with Alicia But throughout the book they get closer and closer with their steamy kisses and word play I also LOVED Deverons sister She was witty and forceful and also had a loving side to her The ending and resolution came fast for me though but like I said I love a series that will go into detail and have large problems with a big action twist to try and solve it all My only problem with this book was that it was not longer I could have really grown closer to these characters than I already did I should say I would recommend this book to all those paranormal romance fans out there It was worth my 3 bucks I will tell you that much