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Sea of Memories Characters Æ 106 N this new world Ella feels herself drifting further and further from who she was on the le de R Can she ever find her way back And does she want toFrom the windswept le de R to the rugged hills of Scotland Sea of Memories is a spellbinding journey about the power of memory love and second chances. This beautiful book is essentially about love Love across generations love that overcomes that transcends time and distanceWe follow the story of Ella sometimes through her own eyes and sometimes through the eyes of her granddaughter Kendra who has been tasked to bring Ella s life to us as a narrationUt is also the story of how difficult it can be to maintain and nurture a loving relationship and how even a damaged relationship might survive if the cracks are filled with gold

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Sea of Memories Characters Æ 106 When Kendra first visits her ailing grandmother Ella has only one reuest that Kendra write her story down before she forgetsIn 1937 seventeen year old Ellas life changes forever when she is sent to spend the summer on the beautiful le de R and meets the charismatic creative Christophe They spend t. I really loved this book Whilst it encompassed a time generation between the grandmother Ella and her grandchild Kendra it also encompassed a time of hardship sacrifice and bravery experienced by every day folk during the Second World War both in France and England which was in itself a great story But also there was so much loyaltyenduring friendship which survived the decades and a broader understanding of love and the many different capacities of love whether it be children friendship loyalty to country lover and ultimately husband The history involving France and England during the war was historically interesting and moving and even so the courage of the main character Ella her bravery in war but also her capacity to love and give love Make no mistake not a soppy love story but a story of courage and sacrifice Definitely five stars for me Thank you Fiona Valpy for your wonderful novel and the wonderful journey you took me on I would love to go to Ile de Re so probably good for France s tourism as well

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Sea of Memories Characters Æ 106 He summer together exploring the islands sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and for the first time in her life Ella feels truly freeBut the outbreak of war casts everything in a new light Ella is forced to return to Scotland where she volunteers for the war effort alongside the dashing Angus I. This poignant story transcends across the generations and has messages of healing hope and acceptance The contrasting settings in Scotland and France especially are beautifully portrayed and the differing time periods are believable in their context to the storyThe elderly certainly have valuable stories and wisdom to pass onto younger generations Sea of Memories was such an enjoyable read that covered many other values and aspects of life s journey courage persistence enduring friendship carefree living love loss responsibility making choices and commitmentThe main focus was on the characters Ella and her granddaughter Kendra I did wonder if there could have been depth portrayed in the characterisation of Ella s daughter Rhona or is that another story to be told

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