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Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter review ✓ 3 Padraic Colum ´ 3 summary review Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter Padraic Colum 1881 1972 was an Irish poet novelist dramatist biographer and collector of folklore He was one of the leading figures of the Celtic Revival At the age of seventeen he passed an exam for and was awarded a clerkship in the Irish Railway Clearing House He stayed in this job until 1903 During this period Colum started to wri. I don t remember where I first saw Padraic Colum mentioned but it was many years ago I never did see anything written by him until I discovered Project Gutenberg Then of course it took some time to get around to reading one of his titles Colum was an author playwright and collector of folklore among many other talents He often took traditional tales and re told them in his own manner which explains why The Boy Apprenticed To An Enchanter will remind you of Scheherezade s story telling in One Thousand And One Nights As for the youth who had tried to steal the white horse that the King owned he was bound hand and foot and taken into the castle of the King There he was thrown down beside the trestles of the great table and the hot wax from the candles that lighted the supper board dripped down upon him And it was told to him that at the morrow s sunrise he would be slain with the swordThen the King called upon one to finish the story that was being told when the neigh of the white horse was heard in the stable The story could not be finished for him however because the one who had been telling it was now outside guarding the iron door of the stable with a sword in his hand And King Manus sitting at the supper board could not eat nor refresh himself because there was no one at hand to finish the story for himAnd that is the way that the story of The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter used to beginBut first I shall have to tell you about King Manus and his three horsesYou see in those days if anyone asked a king for a gift that king was expected to give it immediately But King Manus did not want anyone to ask him for one of his three wonderful horses so he had them guarded in a locked stable and he had a servant who never allowed anyone with a reuest into the royal presence When you read about the horses you can certainly understand both why King Manus of the Western Island cherished them as well as why others coveted them The white horse was as swift as the plunging wave of the sea the red horse was as swift as fire in the heather and the speed of the black horse was such that he could overtake the wind of March that was before him and the wind of March that was behind could not overtake himMeanwhile back to that youth who is of course our hero Eean the boy apprentice The last part of this prologue sets up the telling of his story and all because King Manus was unable to eat or drink without hearing a tale Then the youth was taken from where he lay by the trestles of the table and the cords that bound him were loosened He was put in the story teller s place and fresh candles were lighted and set upon the table Your danger is great said the King and it will be hard for you to show us that you were ever in such danger before Begin your story And if it is not a story of a narrow and a close escape there will be little time left for you to prepare for your death by the sword Thereupon the youth in the foreign dress looked long into the wine cup that was handed him and he drank a draught of the wine and he saluted the King and the lords who sat by the King and he said Once I was in greater danger for its mouth was close to me and no hope whatever was given me of my saving my life I will tell the story and you shall judge whether my danger then was greater than is my danger now And thereupon the youth in the foreign dress who had tried to steal the white horse that King Manus owned began the story which is set down here in the very words in which he told itAnd we are treated to a wonderful fantasy tale with genii warring magicians greedy kings brass boats a Magic Mirror the Tower in Babylon narrow escapes and a girl named Bird Of Gold who will also tell her story a bit later The adventure was great fun to read beautifully told and a wonderful introduction to Colum s work I will certainly be reading

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Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter review ✓ 3 Padraic Colum ´ 3 summary review Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter Te and met a number of the leading Irish writers of the time His earliest published poems appeared in The United Irishman His first book Wild Earth 1907 collected many of these poems In 1911 he founded the short lived literary journal The Irish Review In 1914 Colum travelled to the USA where he took up children's writing and published. A short and comfy read Highly recommend

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Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter review ✓ 3 Padraic Colum ´ 3 summary review Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter A number of collections of stories for children beginning with The King of Ireland's Son 1916 In 1922 he started writing novels Amongst his other works are Three Plays 1916 The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said 1918 The Children of Odin The Book of Northern Myths 1920 and The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles 1921. Eean a fisherman s son and late an enchanter s apprentice is caught trying to steal a king s marvelous horse To stave off execution he relates the events that led up to the attempted theft and halfway through his tale someone else breaks into the stable The author is Irish but this has never struck me as a particularly Irish story a mix of many different fairy tales and legends Not a criticism it s a lovely meld and the story doesn t fall into a predictable pattern The structure is also a bit unusual It s got a nicely strong heroine she rescues the hero at least once and while the illustrations don t do anything for me they re lavish and fitting

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  • Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter
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  • 25 June 2017
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