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The Male Bridesmaid Duology

Free read ¶ The Male Bridesmaid Duology Sabrina Jen Mountford ì 8 Summary Nds up being bullied into being fully feminized to be a bridesmaid at Sarah's weddingThroughout the story Gary is humiliated embarrassed and dominated When he is offered a final choice go back to their vanilla life or submit to being dominated feminized and kept in a state of permanent denial indefinately what will he chooseFollow Gary in this cuckold story as he completes his transformation into Sissy Paige through maid training corporal punishment forced feminization chastity orgasm denial and ultimately cuckolding Alison finally cuckolds her sissy husbandAlison for her part is unsure whether she wants to 'cuckold' her live in submissive sissy maid husband but after much soul searching and deciding to rename Gary 'Sissy Paige' and enrol him into the Fisher Maids Academy for a fortnight of extreme sissy maid training to improve his skills she begins to warm to the ideaWhile Sissy Paige is away being.

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Free read ¶ The Male Bridesmaid Duology Sabrina Jen Mountford ì 8 Summary Get both Male Bridesmaid Female Domination Chasty Forced Feminization stories in one volumeWhen Gary tries to Alison to dominate him he doesn't realize it will lead to forced feminization strict male chastity public humiliation BDSM maid training and slavery He definitely didn't expect to be attending his sister in law's wedding as a 'Male Bridesmaid'Gary is addicted to erotic stories he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out he thinks they're going to break upHowever Alison is open minded and so is her sister Gradually Alison starts to assert her 'aversion therapy' onto Gary keeping him locked up snugly in a chastity device denying him any release and forcing him to wear womens lingerieThe trouble is Alison begins to enjoy dominating Gary and when her sister Sarah gets involved things take another turn for the worse and Gary e.

Sabrina Jen Mountford ì 8 Summary

Free read ¶ The Male Bridesmaid Duology Sabrina Jen Mountford ì 8 Summary Trained under the watchful eyes of the sadistic mistresses Samantha Fisher Anita and Dr Eve Wilshaw the threat of Alison following through with her threats to go 'speed dating and see where it goes' are ever present In the end Sissy Paige doesn't come through the harsh maid training unscathed the routine of seventeen hour days forced feminization and strict orgasm denial with strict discipline bondage and merciless corporal punishment having had a lasting effect on himThe effects of Dr Eve's hypnotism session have effectively tamed Sissy Paige making him totally submissive and subservient embracing his forced feminization and submissiveness When Alison comes to collect her 'property' will she be happy with the results Will she have already taken a loverHow will Sissy Paige adapt to his new life as Alison's property As her forcibly feminized chaste sissy maidWarning this 44000 word novel is for 18 ON.

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