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Free read Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere

Free read Welcome to Nowhere Download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Elizabeth Laird Elizabeth Laird Á 0 Free read Muscular moving thought provoking book from an award winning writer GuardianNot only does it explain how the war in Syria began in as clear a way as I have ever heard but Elizabeth Laird makes her characters lovable loathable and believable They are children of war but not defined by it fascinating and sings with truth Alex O'Connell The Times Children's Book of the WeekThis powerful dramatic story poignantly illustrates how war afffects ordinary people Booksell. I nearly bought this book on my way to France but didn t I did buy it on the way back to England however and I m glad I did This book is a real eye opener to a harsh reality and even though some of the characters due to their attitude and cruel words towards women and Musa made me angry at times I found other characters such as Omar very likeable I m not good at this reviewing thing and struggle to know what to say but I do know that all in all I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it

Download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Elizabeth Laird

Free read Welcome to Nowhere Download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Elizabeth Laird Elizabeth Laird Á 0 Free read Twelve year old Omar and his brothers and sister were born and raised in the beautiful and bustling city of Bosra Syria Omar doesn't care about politics all her wants is to grow up to become a successful businessman who will take the world by storm But when his clever older brother Musa gets mixed up with some young political activists everything changes Before long bombs are falling people are dying and Omar and his family have no choice but to flee their home w. I ve read several of Laird s books in the past and enjoyed them especially her early books but her last few have been disappointing in both uality and content having lost any of the sensitivity depth of character and evident good research that made her early books enjoyable This is another book I ll put in the disappointing pile It feels like just another one of those bandwagon books milking money out of other people s suffering but not really doing much to raise awareness of the situations do justice to those people it s representing or even tell a good story despite the notes at the end of the book about Laird s experiences working with refugees The Acknowledgements and Notes at the end had real emotion and depth in them than the actual story and it s a shame really that Laird has actually done so much research and spent time with refugees in Jordan yet seems unable to construct a storyThis entire book reads like the first draft of an overly long plot summary rather than a novel Everything is generic and incredibly rushed It s mostly all telling rather than showing uses a crazy amount of passive voice and summarising and is littered with typos the sister baldly saying something was a funny example and a lot of very jarring and obviously British phrases fool you blokes dodgy etc that were just plain annoying and didn t make me feel Laird had done much research at all let alone actually met and talked with refugees or even kidsteenagers The kids especially just felt like stereotyped British kids written by an adult who honestly doesn t know how kids actually talk There was also a large muddle of other odd and wrongly placed wordsphases do mosues really have sermons for example Even if it s a similar thing in terms of a religious leader teaching a crowd I strongly doubt Islam uses the Christian term for itThe descriptions of events and settings were weak and vague so that visualising them relied mostly on my mental bank of stereotypical media images of war torn Syria This seems to be a big issue among writers trying to cash in on public interest in the refugee crisis too many of them lack that sense of place that anchors a story and its characters and it s so important when writing about places most people have never been in places very different from the UKUS that are affected by war Khaled Hosseini s books are brilliant in this they re incredibly accessible in terms of language they show Afghanistan s culture its places its people its political tensions his characters are suffused with their culture and feel like real people and all this feels natural and sensory But Laird introduces us to two historic cities that in my head look and feel exactly the same There s no detail that brings either of these places alive or makes me feel for their destruction and the loss of so many people s homes of historic buildings of a way of life the culture of those cities even Other than the names this story could be set anywhere in the world and it wouldn t make any difference The developing political tensions felt forced and weak contrived around the kids escapades We re also introduced to a whole host of one dimensional characters that sit firmly in their stereotypical bubbles and don t really shift or develop The MC Omar is a contradictory and unlikable character himself often being rude or nasty for no apparent reason while at the same time disliking others for doing exactly what he does Any hints at development he gets are uickly backtracked in the next chapter where he thinks and behaves exactly as he did before and then there s a whole chapter at the end where he s moralising over some other badly behaved kid s transformation in character That entire chapter felt like a must have a moral moment where Laird tried to force it in with a hammer It s the epitome of adult moralising and the entire way it is written is so patronising That said Omar also often felt much younger than he was never really the teenager he was supposed to be Any camaraderie or brotherly development between Omar and Musa through all their secrets and problems also did nothing at all to stop the idiotic nastiness between them that makes me think of seven year olds than teenagers But then almost all conflict between characters in this book is weak and generally based on babyish insults or defiance to some kind of order The plot was predictable where events were actual scenes being fully described rather than just being summarised but overall it was just so boring to read There are odd moments where the characters voice comes out but mostly the whole book is just this bland summarising A family member is very ill and spends several months in hospital summarised in three uarters of a page I ve read so many refugee stories from actual refugees Humans of New York is a popular one which has ran uite a few but there are numerous other blogs and places you can find stories compiled by people working in refugee camps and even by refugees themselves The BBC has also been filming real refugees on their travels Every story is different Every refugee every family has been through different things different struggles different miracles and while the themes of their escape and how they had to live before they left and have lived along the way might be similar that variety and individuality is ignored in books like this where everything millions have been suffering is wound up in the generic and stereotypical And the most annoying thing is that Laird knows this she s been there met them talked with them used bits of their stories in this book and she even makes a comment about individualising people But there is no substance to this book no depth no unpreachyhamfisted emotion or character development Please please just stop If you re going to write a book about people groups you re not a part of especially those who are still suffering now do those people the justice they need and deserve I tired of this book at around the 16% mark and kept reading only to see if it would improve It didn t and I really hope this book goes back for some drafts and better editingresearch before it s actually published This book has potential but it needs much time spent on it before it can really be the book I think Laird wants it to be Laird can do so much better than this I know she can The world does not need any of this kind of poorly written popular issues fodder especially not children Children need books that make them think and feel that expand their understanding of these real world issues and lives not books that stifle and patronise them with vague and generic poorly written pap

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Free read Welcome to Nowhere Download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Elizabeth Laird Elizabeth Laird Á 0 Free read Ith only what they can carry But no matter how far they run the shadow of war follows them until they have no choice but to attempt the dangerous journey to escape their homeland altogether But where do you go when you can't go home PRAISE FOR WELCOME TO NOWHERE Humane and empathetic Not only eye opening important and topica but a vivid emotionally involving nail biting read an effective call to action Nicolette Jones The Sunday Times Children's Book of the WeekA. 2018 CARNEGIE LONGLIST BOOK 142015 I m really not very impressed with this but that may be just me as I have never really enjoyed Elizbeth Laird s books I find them very flat and boring and this one didn t feel any different from any of her other works I think it is her writing style that I don t like because I do appreciate the importance of the stories she tells and I just think the execution of them is the thing that lets me down So this book follows the story of Omar who lives in Syria When war breaks out he and his family are forced to flee their home town This could have been relatively interesting and enjoyable to read if it wasn t for the fact that we have ended up with such an insufferable narrator Honestly Omar is selfish and rude and shallow and ungrateful and so boring to read about I hated the way he treated his brother Musa who has cerebal palsey He was unnecessarily unkind and had no respect I don t think the author meant it to read that way but for me it did Also at the end of the book I was shocked to find that he was supposed to have aged about three years because his character did not develop or mature in any way at all The plot is not too bad but Elizabeth Laird glosses over many of the most traumaticexciting parts I don t know whether this is to keep her books light enough for children but I feel like this story had the potential to pack a really emotional punch and yet the author glazes over scenes that could have been raw and emotional view spoiler A part where Musa is in hospital for months is summarised in three uarters of a page hide spoiler

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