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Ebook [Within Reach journaling] ✓ Sarah Mayberry

Sarah Mayberry ñ 9 free read

Within Reach

characters ñ Within Reach free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry ñ 9 free read On he never expected Does he dare disrupt the very good thing they have going If they have a fling that goes nowhere he stands to lose everything including her But if they make it work he stands to gain everythin. Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry focuses on one of my favorite tropes in romance A widowed hero who finds love in the most angst ridden situation one can find and thus Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry is a superb read and delivered exactly what I wanted in the right dosesMichael loses his wife of 6 years to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect and devastation doesn t even begin to cover what he goes through in the process of picking up the pieces of his life as his two kids demand that he be a pillar of strength rather than breaking down and digging himself a hole somewhere which is exactly what he feels like doing Angie Bartlett loses her best friend when Billie dies at the age of 32 Her vivacious friend whose zest for life and color whose life was so abruptly cut off leaves Angie reeling from the loss of it all And it takes her a timeout from the situation back at Billie s household to realize the rap

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characters ñ Within Reach free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry ñ 9 free read Being a single dad was never on Michael Young's agenda Yet with the sudden loss of his wife that's exactly the role he has On his best days he thinks he can handle it On his worst Luckily family friend Angie Bart. Wow I can not believe how much I loved this book especially as it has my second least favorite trope the widowwidower falling for the best friend My least fave is heroine falling for brothers The two main characters are real and wonderful the children are adorable and the story is realistically done without losing any uber drama Having lost my best friend a few years ago I have a hard time wrapping my head around this plot but darned if Sarah Mayberry doesn t nail itRe readRe read and I as I suspected I had to take a star off Still I rarely give 4 stars but for a writer to make the concept of a best friend moving on with the spouse takes something The hero falters a little but given that he lost his wife he pulls through for the heroine I teared up for a second time with this one Inherent angsty love story of two essentially decent people

free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Sarah Mayberry

characters ñ Within Reach free read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ñ Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry ñ 9 free read Lett has his back easily stepping in to help outLately though something has changedMichael is noticing exactly how gorgeous Angie is and how single she is She's constantly in his thoughts and he feels an attracti. In Mayberry s last book Her Best Worst Mistake I thought the heroine s guilt about hooking up with the guy her best friend had dumped was overdone This book also features a guilt ridden heroine but you really can t blame her since in this case the best friend was a beloved wife who died much too youngAngie is doing her best to fill the hole left when her friend Billie died leaving behind a devastated husband and two young children She and Michael had never been particularly close but now they lean on each other for support But as the haze of grief lifts they begin to notice each other in a new and mutually horrifying way Both are convinced that anything happening between them would be a betrayal and that of course Michael could never love anyone but BillieThe tone of this story is appropriately low key since every main character in it is grieving a loss yet it s also very passionate The tension and awaren